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• #78300 2 3/8"
• #78400 2 3/4"
• #78500 3 1/4"
• #78600 3 3/4"
• #78700 4 1/4"

Thermal Magnetic & Tourmaline
Boar Bristle Brush

Joining the collection of iTech brushes are these Thermal Magnetic & Tourmaline Boar Bristle Brush with aluminum barrel for even faster drying and styling. These brushes also emits the most tourmaline ions for healthier and silkier hair.

Why to Buy

  • Boar bristles make hair shiny and unbelievable smooth and helps to detangle hair.
  • Emits the maximum amount of tourmaline ions to seal and repair damaged hair.
  • Revolutionary magnet on handle acts as magnet therapy to ease tension on wrist joints.
  • Aluminum barrel allows heat to transfer to hair for faster drying and to hold style longer.
  • Comfortable handle grip and lightweight.

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