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• #SK31 (7")
• #SK35 (6", 35 teeth)
• #SK155 (6")
• #SKJ55(5 1/2")

iTech Shears

iTech shears give you the best of all worlds by combining amazing strength and long-lasting edges with features that minimize hand and arm strain, and finger fatigue. Designed in the United States by Jason Pintel, the founder of the International Shear Sharpeners Guild, iTech Shears are forged in Korea, using a unique process that strengthens the blades and creates super-sharp, long-lasting convex edges that will smoothly and cleanly cut through dry or wet hair. Weighing in at less than three ounces, iTech’s Shears feature an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue and muscular tension, including a permanent finger rest on all styles.

Why to Buy

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design reduces fatigue and muscular tension.
  • Forged steel allows smooth cutting of wet or dry hair.
  • Adjustable tension knob allows ultimate control.
  • Convex edge gives a smooth, clean cut.
  • Permanent finger rest provides ultimate balance.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.
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