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• #73710 Red 4 5/8"
• #73711 White 4 5/8"
• #73720 Red 3 7/8"
• #73722 White 3 7/8"

Power Clips

When you need to keep hair in place while cutting, coloring or finishing, iTech's Power Clips put all others to shame. This next generation clip features a patented dual stainless steel spring that allows the front "jaw" to adjust to the hair's thickness, holding the hair firmly, so it will not slip. As a result, you'll work faster and more efficiently—impressing your clients with your professionalism. Avaliable in two sizes, 4 5/8 inches long and 3 7/8 inches long.

Why to Buy

  • Patented dual stainless steel spring adjusts to hair's thickness.
  • Maximum holding power.
  • Non-slip, firm hold keeps hair in place.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Gentle to hair.
  • Good for all hair lengths.
  • Choose from red or white to match your iTech tools.

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