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• #99008 (wide teeth cutting comb)
• #99005 (styling comb)
• #99006 (8 1/2 cutting comb)
• #99004 (cutting and styling comb)
• #99024 (teasing tail comb)
• #99035 (medium comb-out comb)
• #99033 (medium detangler comb)
• #99031 (large detangler comb)
• #99021 (flat top comb)
• #99020 (metal rat-tail comb)
• #99017 (highlighting comb)

iTech Handmade Ionic Carbon Combs

When you need a comb designed specifically to make your work easier, check out iTech's Collection of Handmade Ionic Carbon Combs. Made from a lightweight carbon, they feature an ionic coating that leaves the hair smooth, shiny and static free. Combs made of carbon offer a variety of benefits—they're lightweight, durable and can withstand extreme heat, making them perfect for use with your hair dryer or iron. In addition, carbon is static free, which helps prevent fly-away and frizzy hair during styling. Carbon combs are also easier to wipe clean if you use them for haircoloring, because they don't absorb color like plastic does.

Why to Buy

  • Lighter carbon combs are lightweight, durable and withstand heat, making them perfect for daily use.
  • Precise spacing between teeth makes comb-through easy.
  • Can withstand extreme heat, making them perfect for use with irons, blow dryers and heated razors.
  • 100% static free.
  • Ionic coating provides smooth and shiny hair.
  • Design is perfect for cutting, detangling, color and highlighting.
  • Beautiful design makes them attractive on your station.

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